(Game) Update: Town, Events and Pets

Hey Humans and Youkais, We added a town! It’s the place to find friends here at! Also we added Events! And We added Pets!

Suwakos Town

Events in Suwakos


Pets in Suwakos


Here’s the Default pets!







and Here’s the VIP pets!

VIP pets in Suwakos

Arctic Fox



and here’s Seasonal pets!

Seasonal pets in Suwakos

Spring Bunny

Summer Flipper

Tengu Crow

Winter Flipper

and That’s the end of Updates! See you next time -Mai Teireida.


Peyo grown up!



This is Child Peyo.


This is a teenage Peyo.

Also, I forgot.


This is childhood Rina


This is teenage-adulthood Rina

The two of them got hot


Sasha, that shoujo anime girl got hotter.


Ruby, became a sexy hot anime girl.



Fantage News Network: Won’t You Just Look at That List… + Mimy’s Police Outfit

Hello. I have more news about the Top 10 list. I would post about the Rookie List, but let’s not go there, as there will be at least one hacker account per week (sometimes even 15+ on the list!). I posted about the 1st place user last time (on FNN: A Few Strange Things Today), but things had slightly changed. That user is still there, but they have gained 2 levels during the past week and there’s someone else at first place. Here’s the 1st place user.


High level, earned within a week. Common for hackers.

The funny thing is that I happened to be wearing a police outfit at the time of creating this report to share. Here’s Perfect Police PersonnelI don’t usually post my outfits here.

Perfect Police Personnel

Always on the case.

Items (and where to buy currently):
Hair: Flowy Summer Hair ~ MyMall
Outfit: Black and White Romper ~ MyMall
Shoes: Fantage Officer Shoes ~ MyMall
Board: Kitty1929’s board ~ MyMall
Hair Acc.: Fantage Police Hat ~ MyMall
Face Acc.: Dark Blue Shades ~ Le Shop
Body Acc.: Metal Handcuffs ~ MyMall
Earrings: Blue Sapphire Earrings ~ Le Shop


Fantage News Network: Fantage DDoS Attack

Fantage is going through another DDoS attack and they are trying to fix the situation, so we could play again. If you don’t know what a DDoS is, then here’s a definition.

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is an attempt to exhaust the resources available to a network, application or service so that legitmate users cannot gain access.

As far as I can tell, someone or some group had prevented players from logging in. No one knows who the group/person is, but it is speculated that they did it for a few reasons. Fantage had experienced hack (and still is), there’s drama in the crowded servers, and for the fact that Fantage is so easy to target for having a not so secure system.

I don’t remember when the last one had happened, but the Spanish and Japanese servers had disappeared and there were rumors of Fantage shutting down. I didn’t believe that Fantage would ever shut down because it’s the game I’ve played the longest and Fantage was also hacked at the same time. Fantage gives us that on the news section of the homepage ( or

Fantage News - DDoS Attack.PNG

There are a few suspects of this DDoS attack, but I cannot be sure of who.

DDoS has multiple types and can be hard to prevent.

Today’s sophisticated attackers are blending volumetric, state exhaustion and application-layer attacks against infrastructure devices all in a single, sustained attack. These cyber attacks are popular because they difficult to defend against and often highly effective.

The problem doesn’t end there. According to Frost & Sullivan, DDoS attacks are “increasingly being utilized as a diversionary tactic for targeted persistent attacks.” Attackers are using DDoS tools to distract the network and security teams while simultaneously trying to inject advanced persistent threats such as malware into the network, with the goal of stealing IP address and/or critical customer or financial information.

Volumetric, state exhaustion, and application-layer attacks are kinds of DDoS attacks. There are more kinds listed on the source, but I won’t list them here. As the source says, attackers have a goal of stealing critical customer information like email addresses and passwords. People have gotten hacked, most likely because of the DDoS attack and someone had gotten access to their accounts and took away (more like “stole”) their hard-earned items. Attackers apparently try to distract the network and the workers with DDoS tools, so they can inject advanced persistent threats (malware, viruses, etc.) and steal people’s data. Those threats may have also been injected to some of Fantage’s computers resulting in some accounts being stolen.

Cyber attackers, the people who try to steal database from online resources and files, are using more advanced technology to complete their tasks. Technology is on both sides, for everyone and against, and it can come to a point that it is used for malware and really random things (not to be mentioned). I would go into full detail about technology, but I’m only posting about news and DDoS attacks.

Cyber attackers are using more sophisticated tools and techniques to facilitate and monetize attack campaigns. These campaigns are carefully planned incursions that are designed to achieve a specific motive and mission, such as database theft.

As many Players know, there are hackers (and other kinds of users) who ask for passwords and they sometimes hack into accounts with and without knowing the password. That is database theft. Database theft is stealing hard-earned items, money, and even the account itself.

I won’t be going into too much detail, as I have given enough information about DDoS attacks and more info can be searched up.

-Mai Teireida